It’s that time of year again when my tomatoes are happily giving more fruit than we can eat.  So a long, long time ago when I was just a new bride my favorite neighbor told me a secret, all of those tomatoes you can’t eat right now you can freeze for winter!   No way would I have canned those tomatoes because I’m a chicken and canning is one of those things if not done properly can make people ill.  So freezing sounded like a great solution to me.  As my wonderful neighbor told me they won’t be pretty tomatoes for things like salads and sandwiches but they will be wonderful in soups, chili, stews and sauces.  Of course she was right and I have been happily freezing tomatoes ever since…

So here it is, so easy…

Tomatoes a

Wash those tomatoes up.





tomatoes bIn a large pot of water add your hottest tap water.

Let them float around in the hot water for awhile




tomatoes cTrim both ends

Peel all of the skin off the tomatoes




tomatoes dCut into chunks

Bag them up





zucchini aMy special project this year was to tackle my over abundant zucchini and take them to the freezer.  While using most of the same principles only omitting the warm water bath, and shredding instead of cutting into chunks.   Place roughly 2 cup portions into freezer bags to be pulled out of the zucchini bfreezer and turned into delicious zucchini bread, muffins or added to soups and stews.




As always stop by the Portage Lakes Library to check out some books on preserving or canning food.  Enjoy those vegetables all winter long.

Thanks Millie, love and miss you!